Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am from…

By: Eden Chase (my little sister)

I am from the 110 degree weather and cactus everywhere,

like a field taken over by weeds.

I am from late night prayers with the family to be followed by hugs and kisses.

I am from never having clothes on,

enjoying the freedom of naked cheeks on the cold tile.

From playing football in the backyard and smelling orange blossoms.

I am from swinging so high, it feels like flying.

Salted popcorn in the big metal bowl and old Disney movies.

I am from early mornings of Boston and star wars/superman soundtrack,

and the feeling of satisfaction from a clean house.

I am from the smell of fresh, homemade food every night for dinner,

Butter and honey on a warm piece of homemade bread and flour covering the kitchen counters.

I am from the stage, singing, dancing, acting.

Dancing, the best way to express your feelings and emotions through the movement of your body.

From hours and hours spent at the dance studio, it becomes a second home.

I am from parents teaching about lives limits, there are none. The stars are your limit.

Dream. Believing anything is possible, never having a doubt.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

I am from the sound of guitar and my brothers voices, serenading.

I am from warm rainy days and mud slides, soft curly hair and the smell of wet cement.

I am from the sound of mom’s voice reading stories right before bed.

I am from my sister and best friend, who lives with me, never having to be alone,

Blond beautiful hair everywhere and crammed bathrooms.

Wrinkly fingers from soapy dish water and dinners that turn in to long conversations,

Which you become lost in, where time ceases.

I am from holding hands, hugs, snuggling . . .


Eden wrote this for a school project. It brought back a flood of memories. It made me cry. I love my family.

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Janelle said...

Different family, larger variety of hair color, same feelings, same tears! She is talented. I love it! Thanks for sharing! I love you!